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Practice Areas

1. Financial instruments market

The Law Office is rich in experiences in operation of banks, brokerage houses, investment management companies, public companies, investment funds and companies - securities issuers, as well as in the field of restructuring and privatisation and take overs.

We advise legal entities and nature persons in various transactions, starting with establishment, which include offering securities to the public and the admission of financial instruments to trading on stock markets.

We offer assistance in exercising conditions for establishment, operation and termination of investment companies, managers of organised markets and settlement systems with registered office in Republic of Slovenia, and we help in exercising conditions to perform investment services in Republic of Slovenia.

To public companies we offer our assistance in fulfilling obligations regarding information disclosure in respect of securities admitted to trading on stock market, and in respecting trading regulations on stock markets, inclusively regulations prohibiting trading based on inside information and market manipulation.

2. Procedures of Securities Market Agency and Competition Protection Office of Republic of Slovenia

The Law Office represents natural and legal persons in all procedures at Securities Market Agency and Competition Protection Office of Republic of Slovenia, including violation procedures according to the Misdemeanour Act in respect of statutory provision breaches in the field of financial instruments market, takeovers, investment funds and assets management companies, non-materialised securities, Companies Act and Prevention of Restriction of Competition Act.

3. Takeovers and mergers (M&A), companies acquisitions and due diligences

The Law Office provides assistance and advises its clients in procedures regarding takeover bid, mergers, divisions, transfers of shares, privatization, restructuring and reorganisation of companies, also based on selling shares or transfers of operating companies, companies acquisitions, joint ventures in and outside of Republic of Slovenia. We offer services of due diligence in respect of takeovers, mergers and acquisitions of companies, whereat we work closely with experts from financial, accounting and other areas of practice .

4. Commercial law, Company law and Corporate law

The Law Office offers legal counselling and executes procedures of establishing and managing companies, transfers of business shares, prepares and changes of all kinds of contracts of incorporation, prepares by-laws and general acts of legal persons, prepares and executes procedures of statutory changes, prepares documentation for and conducts companies' general meetings, conducts procedures in register of companies and registration procedures of sole traders. The office draws up business contracts, shareholders' agreements and options to buy shares.

5. Bank and Insurance law

We provide legal advised in the field of bank and insurance law and represent banks and insurance companies in procedures in front of Bank of Slovenia and Insurance Supervision Agency.

6. Building and Real estate law

Cooperation in real estate acquisitions and sales and in realization of larger building projects, where we offer our clients a complete legal service, i.e. negotiations, drawing up contracts, advises and conducting all procedures regarding claims in building law sphere.

7. Administrative law

We give advice and represent in all kinds of administrative procedures in front of various administrative organs, procedures in front of Administrative Court of the Republic of Slovenia, Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia, we advise and represent in administrative disputes, further we advise and represent in denationalization procedures.

8. Constitutional law

We advise and represent in procedures in front of Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia, we file motions for constitutional review of individual legal acts and articles from above stated fields and constitutional complaints.

9. Legal counselling and representation

We provide complete services of legal counselling, including representation in front of all kinds of courts and other bodies.

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