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Alja Markovič Čas, LL.M., Attorney-at-Law was educated in the field of securities market, privatization and corporate law thus in Slovenia as well as abroad.

She attended training in respect of securities, organised by American Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in Washington, participated in workshops on privatization, evaluation and restructuring of companies in state ownership in Stockholm, Washington and Tokyo, as a representative of Securities market Agency she attended more significant conferences of IOSCO (International Organization of Securities Commissions) in Hong Kong, Malaysia, India and China.

She participated in professional committees of CESR (The Committee of European Securities Regulators) and organisation IOSCO (International Organization of Securities Commissions).

As the member of an Expert council of Securities Market Agency she participated in the procedures of takeover bids, mergers and acquisitions, offering securities to the public and the admission of financial instruments to trading on stock market, procedures of establishing, and supervision the brokerage houses, investments funds, banks and supervision of public companies in respect of “price sensitive” information, inclusively regulations prohibiting trading based on inside information and market manipulation.

She participated in specific projects of privatization, restructuring and denationalization. She was leader of working committee for introduction of the Euro in the field of capital market within the Government coordination committee for the introduction of the Euro, she participated in working committees for legislation preparation in the field of securities market.

In respect of the securities market field she held lectures in various professional workshops, conferences, economic law schools for judges for violations, Days of Slovenian Lawyers and Educational prosecutors' days.

Within her professional field she published numerous papers and articles:
Public Utilities Act, Pravna Praksa (The Legal Practice), Nr. 280/93,
Repayment of cooperative assets, (The Legal Practice), Nr. 284/93,
Denationalisation, (The Legal Practice), Nr. 284/1993,
Ownership transformation of public enterprise, (The Legal Practice), Nr. 285/1993,
Apartment sale, Pravna praksa (The Legal Practice), Nr. 289/1993,
Denationalisation, filing-in temporary injunction, (The Legal Practice), Nr. 289/1993,
Ownership transformation of public utilities, (The Legal Practice), Nr. 289/1993,
Documentation for consensus of Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Restructuring and Privatisation before entry into register of companies, (The Legal Practice), Nr. 318/1995,
Taxes and charges in ownership transformation, Gospodarski vestnik (The Economic gazette), Nr. 11/1995,
Ownership transformation in Triglav National Park, (The Economic gazette), Nr. 26/1996,
Shareholders' right to being informed, Podjetje in delo (Company and work), Nr. 5/1998,
Takeover Act, Bančnik (The Banker), Nr.7/1997,
Bankruptcies in new manner, (The Banker), Nr. 8/1997,
Offset of monetary claims between bank and clients, (The Banker), Nr. 10/1997,
General meeting of joint stock company - how to reach legally valid conclusions, (The Banker), Nr. 4/199,
Basics of concluding contracts, (The Banker), Nr. 5/1998,
Anticipated statutory changes on securities market, Part I, (The Banker), Nr. 9/1998,
Anticipated statutory changes on securities market, Part II, (The Banker), Nr. 3/1999,
Standpoint of Securities Market Agency in respect of provision interpretation of Article 82 in connection with Article 87 of Takeovers Act (The Company and work), Nr. 8/2001,
Standpoint of Securities Market Agency in respect of provision interpretation of Article 81 of Takeovers Act , (The Company and work), Nr. 8/2001,
Standpoint of Securities Market Agency in respect of sale and purchase of foreign funds securities to residents in Republic of Slovenia, (The Company and work), Nr. 8/2001,
Standpoint in respect of enforcement of Takeover Act after successfully executed public offer, (The Company and work), Nr. 3/2002,
Legal sights of strategic company linking, (The Banker), Nr. 3/2001,
Novelties from Companies Act, (The Banker), Nr. 4/2002,
Establishment of authorized company according to Takeover Act, Bančni vestnik (The Bank Gazette), Nr.1-2/2002,
American ownership certificates, (The Bank Gazette), Nr. 6/2002,
Transfer of rights and obligations in respect of bank warranty, (The Bank Gazette), Nr. 10/2002 and Nr. 12/2002,
Manners of acquiring proper shares, (The Bank Gazette), Nr. 3/2003,
Novelties of the new Investment Funds and Asset Management Companies Act, (The Banker), Nr. 1/2003,
How to make the Take over in a new manner, (The Banker), Nr. 3/2003,
Anticipated changes of the Securities Market Act, (The Banker), Nr. 4/2003,
Changes and Amendments of the Securities Market Act, (The Banker), Nr. 3/2004,
New rules on internal information by Securities market Agency, Part I, (The Banker), Nr. 2/2005,
New rules of inside information by Securities Market Agency, Part II, (The Banker), Nr. 3/2005,
Securities Market Act anew within procedure of changes and amendments, (The Banker), Nr. 1/2006,
Directive on brochure-changes in the field of securities market, (The Bank Gazette), Volume 55, Number 55, April 2006,
A proposed new Takeover Act, (The Bank Gazette), Volume 55, Number 7-8, Jul-Aug 2006,
Influence of introducing Euro on the capital market, (The Company and work) 6-7/2006/XXXII.

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